Trienekens Human Factor #3

It is seems though that they will never come this week. This I say because they promised six am today to pick up the trash which in fact is already one day late and by 7:45am, they are non where to be found except that the trash is still there in the bin. Think they are not going to do that until the next round which is this Saturday and if they still don’t come, I will let the mighty DBKU know.

3 responses to “Trienekens Human Factor #3”

  1. shouldn’t trienekens have capacity planning and backup plan in case one of the truck got smashed up by king kong or something:? I thought that they should be loaded by now after the big yearly pay-off by the local councils.

    You would be in a better position to talk to the mayor. I don’t know this major that well. Hell, I haven’t even met this mayor so far eventhough I am staying here in Satok.

    Is the mayor IT literated? I also don’t know. I only know that DBKU has a steamyx line and is used only by the mayor and the directors

  2. I will wait and see for now – I have the same problem as u with regarsd to trienekens pick up time. before the new year they r always punctual – say Wed & Sun at about 4 a.m at our housing area in BDC. Only this new year it seems very random….. we do not know when to put out the garbage anymore. It can be a Thursday that they will come or a Saturday Night or a Monday Morning but not the same as the dates they assurred me in my agreement with them when I picked up my bin. If there are any changes it would be good if they can say – and it would be good for trienekens to have an interactive website ๐Ÿ™‚ i would not go bugging the Mayor at the moment – the durian season now is already creating enough troubles for DBKU ๐Ÿ™‚