Story of Caine and Abel.

Something that most people don’t know, or don’t realised is the value that Abel has in mind about serving God as a profession whilst Caine prefer to feed himself. Though both has offerred up their best of produce. People at that time (during Adam’s age) eat fruits and produced from trees. Only when it comes to Noah’s time, after the deluge, God has allowed human to eat meat. This is clearly stated in Genesis 9. So, why is Abel doing this job of his when he know that the only time his produce is going to be used will be as offering to God. So, he is not doing pagan job as what normal people. He is doing a job that the only outcome is to please God.

This Pastor from the Methodist church is giving a sermon. He has totally missed this point tonight. He has changed the truth around by saying that what Caine has offerred is not the best of his produce and what abel has offer is the first-born. I think he should go and study the Bible more and give a sermon without changing the fact.