E-Request – Stray Animal complain to MBKS: Vags on the move.

Ok! Ok! Ok! Its not stray animal. Its just … well…. more like stray vagabonds in the proximity in the park next to Jubilee Sport Arena. Ok! Ok! Ok! its noon in a pubic playground, Its noon and there were some vags lying in the shades sleeping. One of them was seen masturbating (sort of playing though but its playing with private parts; Either he itch or something or some insect has crawl into his pants) while I drove pass. Too bad the car behind me horn at be before I can took a picture of them. Anyway, I’ve called the 238080 and was been answered by a lady who has no idea what I am talking about. May be PRO Mdm. Winnie could look at scheduling when coming to festive season especially the Hotline personnel.

One more point on the Hotline staff, when Answering the phone, please speak clearly instead of something that sound like “Embee…..uline” and Don’t greet when the phone is on the way up to the ear, cause I miss the front part just now and only hear something like “…..uline” which gave me the impession that she was pronouncing the word “urine”.

Ok! Ok! Ok! I am not murmuring… I am just disgusted by the scene I saw this afternoon when I drove pass a public park in Kuching where three schools were stone throw away.

I am logging this into MBKS E-Request System. Yes Right, it was my previous project with them and since my colleague Ellen has taken over, The Enhancement is superb. Thanks to the two Tays (NH Tay – developer and GH Tay – MBKS ) who has made this possible.
Disclaimer: Since this is a public issue, please read my terms and conditions of the site before you say anything about what I’ve said. For more details on E-Request, please read my post on that system here.

Added: It seems that since the revision of the new interface, I am the first one to log a complain via online.