I have just finish cleaning my house before CNY! Now I need to wait for the time before I go over to my parent’s house for dinner.

This early morning, I noticed that my house has ran out of cooking oil. So, I set out a journey to  buy some; only to realise that 100% discount store is closed, Unaco is also closed, Everrise has yet to open at freaking 9:00am. So, I have decided to go to Batu Tiga to get some. To my surprise, the H&L there is open and has already have their check-out counter filled with people paying for their purchases.

Earlier when I woke up, it was not the usual wake up call this morning. I woke up because something SMS me this morning and said Happy Birthday! Go to http://www.celcom.com.my for free downloads. The hell, I just check www.celcom.com.my and they have problem with their server. Seems like some proxy thingy is dead. Anyway, DiGi is better by not offering things marked as “free”

My neighbours, one of them is now listening to some heavy metal music while the other is playing with a water blaster. Well, the noise pollution level is now really high. Anyway, I’m going to enjoy this 10 days off from Office.

Though I am a chinese, but I don’t celebrate CNY because it is just not in my blood. I have not celebrate CNY since 1980.

Happy CNY to those who celebrate drive safely!