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Yesterday, after coming back from my in-law’s place in Sri Aman, cooked lunch for my in-law and have dinner with my wife. Still as healthy as a bull. But…. things took a turn at 8:00pm and by 11:30pm, I ended up going to the loo countless time until 12:30am when I’ve decided to check myself into Normah. This Doc there put on a drip and after couple of injection and blood test, the doctor ok me to be discharged from hospital. I was so weak that I could hardly walk properly and when I was on the drip while lying down on the bed, I think I was unconscious several times before my wife woke me up at 2:40am telling me that I can go home.

So, after taking a 10 hours sleep,  I am feeling much better now except for a piece of plaster on my left hand where the needle used to be.