Day: February 6, 2006

  • Old Friend

    Went on IRC This morning while waiting for the battery charger and my mechanic for my car. Lost one “Car” this morning and waiting to fix one more. Hope my car will start.

  • The worst task in life: Will Execution

    As executor of a will which I never thought of executing,  it saddens me to when I was asked by this lawyer from Belgium to carry out the last wish of a friend. I can’t say much now but once I have carried out my duties, I will post the rest of the details here. […]

  • car problemo again

    After giving my car a break it needs for the past three days, it has quit on me this morning. While I am trying to get it up and running to the best of my knowledge: Starter: ok Both motor is functioning. I have tried with a cable to make them move individually and they […]