car problemo again

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After giving my car a break it needs for the past three days, it has quit on me this morning. While I am trying to get it up and running to the best of my knowledge:

Starter: ok Both motor is functioning. I have tried with a cable to make them move individually and they both function perfectly and still strong.
Battery: ok, but now not because I have flat it out this morning trying to revive my car for an hour

Engine: low compression and even a ramp pull start won’t get it alive.

I knew that if I don’t overhaul the car this time, there will be more next time because I think the combustion chamber is leaking pressure through the gasket. Whenever it rains, my car will be so hard to start that I have to find ways and means to make it wake up from its deep coma. I will not ask my regular mechanic to do the overhaul because he will just change the engine. I would prefer that the same engine remains while I just overhaul the whole thing to make it working again.

It is still raining for the past 15 hours and I am starting to feel the blue of it.

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