Suspended – Cabinet freezes daily’s publishing permit indefinitely

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New Straits Times – Suspended

See it coming. Heard it the day before, but confirmed today that it is inevitablely and indefinitely suspended as what has been mentioned in this news article.

Added 1:45pm:

Phone rang while fetching my wife for lunch and my contact in Putra Jaya called and told me that they are going to investigate the daily and if found guilty, the permit will be vanished and is in their consideration that they might “charge them under ???” (Disclaimer: This is not my word. I am merely repearing what the caller has said). However, he will not say whether this is offical or not official. I asked him whether I can blog about the conversation, his reply was: “Yes.

Reason for his call was that he wants my opinion on a situation regarding Malaysian internet users (should be bloggers) posting articles on their website (blogging) on this issue about the daily. He has asked me about the stands on people like “Brand New Malaysia” and “ScreenShots” carrying posts regarding this issue. I gave my opinion saying the following and bid adieu to him.

I blog on what has significantly caught my attention almost everyday. I believed that they will do the same. I cannot say what Jeff and Mack is thinking because what they are thinking may not be what I am thinking. Jeff may have a say, Mack may have a say, and I may have another say. All three might be saying the same thing or might be altogether different. To me, Jeff and Mack are matured people who think before they blog. My opinion is that if one story is cover from only one angle, it may not be a whole picture. If one person can cover one angle while others can cover the other angle, it will make the story clearer in perspective provided that those that cover the story is covering it right.

As for me, I always asked people to read my T&C before reading my post. On sensitive issue, I will comment little and will not allow people to highlight me. I will asked them to read and if they don’t like it, they can leave it and me alone.