I love Kim-Chi

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My mother-in-law just called and asked me how to make kimchi. So, here is the recipe which I’ve learnt from my Korean schoolmate back in New Zealand.

1. get a long cabbage, cut them into slices.
2. get a clean and dry container and put the cabbage and sprinkle some salt on them,
3. cover to container with a piece of clean and wet cloth leave it for 8-12 hours.
4. take the cabbages our and rinse the salt away.
5. squeeze all the water out of the cabbages.
6. add Malted vinegar (10 ml) and cili powders (depends on your taste).
7. close the container tightly and store them in your fridge.

The kimchi is best in its taste after 4 weeks.

If your stomach is weak, please do not take too much of it.

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