Celcom has violated my right!

I’ve received an sms yesterday afternoon right after lunch, which apparently has been sent to me by a server within Celcom. Here is the message:

39101 “Msj Percuma. Perkhidmatan Jadual Waktu solat ini khusus utk Muslim sahaja. Taip OFF & Hantar ke 39501 utk menamatkan perkhidmatan ini.”

As far as I know, I have not opt-in to any service. And being a christian all my life, I sure do not need this information on the Muslim’s prayer. This has worries me when I received the next message:

39101 ‘Msj Percuma “Dakwah Guna Teknologi”. 1. Jadual Waktu Solat & 1 Tazkirah setiap hari. Perkhidmatan ini akan diberi secara percuma selama 2 hari.’

I’ve called on 1111 careline and was learnt that this service is sent by Celcom and has another partner which is earning money with this avenue. As far as I know, for premium service, subscriber have the right to subscribe to the service. In this case that I’ve seen here, I was strpped of this right and Celcom has forced me to spent 8 cents to terminate this service.

I believed that in thei guide set by CMC has clearly said that:

2.7 Attention will be given to include and respect diversity such as may be expressed through differences due to, but are not limited to, cognitive or physical ability, culture, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, gender, age, national origin, political persuasion, marital status, educational background or geographic location.

So, why is celcom breaking this code by forcing non-muslim to pay their money for a service that is clearly only useful if one is a muslim? CMC should look into this matter and have the partner’s ASP license revoke and Celcom should terminate this service AS-SOON-AS-POSSIBLE.

2 responses to “Celcom has violated my right!”

  1. How about at one time when the celcom recharge card vemdors charge RM11 for RM10 recharge cards. The xtra RM1 goes to them as ‘angpow’. I complained to celcom and they say what the vendors do is beyond Celcom control…what the heck?