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ok, from DJ’s blog, we know that election is coming. And today while I was having meeting with a a customer of mine, and this press editor who is also in the meeting has his mobile phone kept on ringing and ringing and he has later shown us the news that YB. Dato Sri Haji Adenan B. Haji Satem has resigned from cabinet. Earlier before the meeting, I met an old friend of mine who is now in the opposition named 王焕友。 He has mentioned that he will be contesting in Batu Kawah against 陈如飞。 Guess everyone is going election mode but not me. This is something that I have not much interest.
Also in town, were a few Ah Pek talking about an underground betting pool that is now standing at RM 12000 for something to happened (someone to die) in the next 5 days. Sickening Senior citizen!!! This sort of thing also can use for betting. Greedy people!…. Not that I don’t respect them as senior citizen, but because of what they are doing being a senior citizen, This sort of example is not good for the younger ones.

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