Demographic Mentality – Introduction

Being not in any political parties and not interested in politic, I have observed the Mentality that of the people in Malaysia as a whole. This writing is my personal opinion and criticism against no one in particular and I wish to clarify that my view here is entirely my own and has nothing personal against anyone.

It is general for people of a country (hereinafter be referred to as rakyat) to be a bit rebellious against the government or leadership, be it that you are in the ruling coalition parties or the opposition coalition parties. This is the human nature in us that if the idea and thoughts is not originated from me, it is against me. People tend to think that I am better and that you are all idiots. This has been in the blood of everyone in this world. This selfishness of one human being can sometimes make things worse by triggering thoughts of doing something to prove oneself just so that the little opinion in the brain is made known to the whole world.