technicality on PC clock

Technically, its 00:46  in the morning. (should be late at midnight) I have just finishing up one part of a program I wish to write for a long long time. Anyway, I have done the major function of it and its now time for me to bring it to the next level. I realised that day light saving is only changed when the clock strike 1am that is the hour after the flip-flop of am/pm. So, It should be 20/2/2006 now but my computer clock is showing 21/2/2006. So, technically it is wrong.

Anyway, I don’t want to argue with the rest of the world on this because it is just me, trying to juicec off my brain before hitting the sack tonight.

2 responses to “technicality on PC clock”

  1. Day light saving is the time when one adjust the clock by 1 to 2 hours to compensate for the time of days that is not having sunlight in certain country which has more than two seasons. This adjustment is done; giving the day more time in sun light as compared to darker nights.