Is your city safe?

I have just learned from my brother got his car was broken into by some low life destroying the passanger side windows with two carry bags were stolen. One of which contains some work documents (some receipts and agreements) while the other contains his Bible and Hymnals. This has happened in broad day light at a busy car park in a busy part of Kuching city.

The other daunting thing that I’ve heard from my brother is the part of lodging police reports. A Police officer has advised him not to lodge any report because he will have to pay RM 300 for traffic offences in order to lodge the report. What does a car that was broken into got anything to do with traffic offences?

Is our vehicle safe in the city? Are we safe in the city?

One response to “Is your city safe?”

  1. We have to complain about this ‘Police Reporting’ procedures. My car was broken into 3 times!! So I don’t keep things in there. I also had to repair a broken lock system which caused RM100 to repair. The first two time I lost my stereos and speakers – when I lodged a Police Report they just want me to Report taht its stolen and I should not request for an ‘inevstigation’ in the report as that will involve a lot of work – duh!!! A lot of work?? I don’t know what I am paying my taxes for?