Day: February 28, 2006

  • Water supply gone

    My water meter has been removed. It is not that I don’t pay the bill but I have pay more than what I have supposed to pay. I will go down to waterboard tomorrow and take a look at their ISO implementation. How can they ignored the standard red bill warning. So, I am asking […]

  • Cost of living up again!!! Will there be COLA for Kuching?

    Guess what? I went to tank up my wife’s Charade (being driving it since my car went into automobile hospital) this morning and to my surprise, the fuel RON 97 (a.k.a. Super) is now at RM 1.91 per Litre. There seems to be some thing going on with Pak Lah in the middle of the […]

  • brainfreeze.

    Having to stay up all night because my stomach don’t agree with me. I am going to work in a short while and I hope I don’t passed out on the way. Wish me luck.