Cost of living up again!!! Will there be COLA for Kuching?

Guess what? I went to tank up my wife’s Charade (being driving it since my car went into automobile hospital) this morning and to my surprise, the fuel RON 97 (a.k.a. Super) is now at RM 1.91 per Litre. There seems to be some thing going on with Pak Lah in the middle of the night coming up with an announcement that rocks the country. Of course with the assurance that there will not be anymore increase this year – sort of sweet after sour kind of approachI guess.
Now, what used to be RM 20 is now RM 40. That is in the course of 5 years since. It was a 104% increased in stats but comparatively, on the part of salary, it only increased by 5% max per annum in common terms (not including promotions or special increments or any other extras). The most I can see is a 25% increase in common terms. that is a difference of 78% increase on the ratio of incomes vs expenditures.

I think I have to start up a new business on healthfood plan to make some extra that I think is not in conflict with my current work in IT Project Management.

One other thought, since election is coming, let me juice in some thought here, why not give all the civil servant and GLC staffs in Sarawak this thing called COLA as liken to those of the smaller townships in the west Malaysia where cost of living is comparatively lower than those of Kuching and Miri. it is just my 2 sen…..

One response to “Cost of living up again!!! Will there be COLA for Kuching?”

  1. The IT Project Management should bring in enough $$$ …. imagine how much the Government usually pays for these projects…take S???S for example. These guys can afford to pay big bonuses. My increment as a Gomen Officer every year is just RM90. Hehehe…. I am thinking of switching to Kancil now… or the electric motorbike 🙂