Month: February 2006

  • Protected: Paybills Malaysia

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Is your city safe?

    I have just learned from my brother got his car was broken into by some low life destroying the passanger side windows with two carry bags were stolen. One of which contains some work documents (some receipts and agreements) while the other contains his Bible and Hymnals. This has happened in broad day light at […]

  • Damn Rats

    I was stucked in at around 500m from my house, My car stalled and it was heavily raining. Only to realised that something is burning as the smell is super intoxicating. When my mechanic came, he fixed the leak. My car started but it jerk like it is riding on a pongo stick. I managed […]

  • Watergate – Kuching version

    Someone on a bike has come to my drive way and switch off my watergate causing my house to be without water supply. This fella is wearing light blue shirt and a dark green pants. He has no document with him. Nor any paperwork. He didn’t even check the meter number and etc. Just Switch […]

  • technicality on PC clock

    Technically, its 00:46  in the morning. (should be late at midnight) I have just finishing up one part of a program I wish to write for a long long time. Anyway, I have done the major function of it and its now time for me to bring it to the next level. I realised that […]