ISO 9001:2000 KWB – The darker version

Posted by Pierce in Living | 2 Comments

I went to Kwb early morning……sickening to learn this fact from an organisation which has ISO 9001:2000
Billing section: You have no outstanding amount, sir.
Enforcement Section: we received debit note from EDP for RM 15.02 for transaction early last year. You pay this bill first and if later they found the RM 15.02 they will put into the account for you. I will not charge you reconnection fee for this. Go to that block and pay, then bring this receipt back here afterward.
EDP section, We confirm that the transaction has been made successfully but we did not received confirmation from account that the money is in.

I think they have failed the first criteria in ISO 9001:2000. May be someone from Sirim can look into this matter.