Secret? Recipe?

OK, I’m blogging now from Secret Recipe here at Lot 10, KL. How nice for them to have TMNet Hotspot and trust me, the Hot spot here is way faster than Coffee Bean Kuching. Though I have to order a slice of Lemon Cheese and a cup of Mocha as Breakfast. The hotel in KL has increased their price by 20% in early February and this is not good for business traveller who has limit on their claimable hotel charges. I think I want to talk to my HR head on this after I got back. Last trip here, I paid RM 145 including breakfast but this trip, it is RM 150 excluding breakfast.

Breakfast here in KL is not as cheap as Kuching. Here you pay almost RM 15 for breakfast and since my colleague has booked me into this hotel.

Anyway, I am going to get another slice of cake for my wife.

One response to “Secret? Recipe?”

  1. Your blog is growing nicely. Any chance of you trying to post with more pictures in future. The slice of Lemon would look nice on photo 🙂 with Mocha…!!