Another Upgrade in the pipeline

I have placed order for a SC430 Dell PowerEdge Server with an upgrade to Pentium D 820 2.8Ghz (Dual Core) HT . Whole thing will cost me RM 97 per month for a year. Also going to get a RAM upgrade from 256MB RAM to 768MB at RM 400 extra.

So, I might get the server offline for awhile, until the server box arrived.


2 responses to “Another Upgrade in the pipeline”

  1. What’s the speed of ur Internet Connection – at home and at work? My friend in Wisma Bapa claims his is 1GB on t1 network. Gosh – true ka?

  2. WBM speed is not a T1 (2mbps) Network as far as Telekom’s record is concerned. How SarawakNet is linked is some secret well kept. From the best of my knowledge, I think its a 2X2mbps. The LAN might be 1gbps (bits per second) or the desktop might be using a gigabit NIC. There won’t be any internet connection at 1GB (T1 is less superior to T3 and T3 is 45 mbps) cause that will be the combined bandwidth of TMNet, NasionNet, DigiNet, CelcomNet and Jaring altogether. (public sector only, not including sub leased bandwidth).

    Since he claimed that, I knew a site to download an Fedora Core ISO file that is 4.7 Gbps. If he can managed to get the whole ISO in less than 1 minutes, then I will believe his claim.

    FYI, I have one node here at home which I am testing for one Uni on a project called “Internet 2” Our daily troughput is around 360 Terra Bites from test node to test node. Too bad, my testing has finished in Feb and the line is now NOP. But the internet 2 project might be coming up this year if according to the plan. (no IPv4 cause too slow. Only IPv6)