Call centers

I have been making a lot of phone calls today to different call centers to resolve issue or to inquire on info. Below are the ratings: (Scale 0-9 where 0 is really bad and 9 is fantastic)
1. PDRM Kuching: 0 (Pricky, orally rude, lack of knowledge, incredibly ignorant, crazily blurk out any word from mouth and extremely hostile)
2. Dell Malaysia:7 (ext 2234) (Very good in response but reluctant to give some info)
3. Celcom: 3 (Given wrong info and totally blur)
4. PDRM Bukit Aman: 8 (Very informative but too busy, have to answer two calls at the same time)
5. PDRM Logistic: 8 (Very Helpful, eventhough he is a logistic officer, he has managed to help in getting the summon info by going beyond the call of duty)
6. Digi: 5 (poor knowledge of operation)
7. Telekom Malaysia: 0 (The indian lady handling English call cannot speak English properly, nor can she understand simple English)
8. Streamyx Technical, Kuching: 9 (very helpful)
9. Citibank: 9 (whole complex instruction is carried out without error in less than 1 minute)
10. HSBC: 7 (Though having problem with proper English but the CCO called me when the line was drop by the network.)