Motorola HS820 “GIGI-BIRU” (Bluetooth) Headset

I have bought the above from Sg. Wang and less than 1 week, it was 3 x o already. I have sent it to Mot Kuching service centre and only to find them not really friendly when they discover that KL side has forgotten to put on any warranty sticker. I have sent the headset to them on Thursday afternoon and they only get back to me on Monday the next week. They have asked me to bring in the charger. Prior to bringing in the charger, I use a UV light to catch the M invisible sticker on the side of the charger. The girl took a look at the charger and asked me to come back 2 hours later. Right before the 2 hours time is up, the girl gave me a call and asked me to come on delay of another hour. So, I gave her the lead time by giving them another extra 2 hours. So, when I have collected the things from her at 5pm that day, I have found that the sound quality of the initial set is poorer than this one.

Tonight, I have one problem with the bluetooth and only to realised that what I have spoken cannot be heard by the other party. After coming home 20 minutes ago, I power down the handphone and the headset and power them on again. Well, it works fine now. I do hope that it will not have anymore problemin the near future.