Great news after the Fuel Price hike.

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In the middle of Sg. Awak. 15 MARCH – An unknown local carmaker, “Clever Motormaker Co.” has brought you great tidings on the recent hiking of Petrol Price. Dubbed “Nangka” It is the latest automobile made in Malaysia. After 100 years spent (wasted) of R&D put in place, come the revolutionary solution to the most recent incident which caught the country by surprise on the last day of February with the 30 sen petrol price hike. Clever Motor’s Clever Nangka is your solution. Powered by a hybrid engine, this car can go 100 miles in theory on 4.3 Litres of Petrol (ref: National Geographic Heyden T report on a similar product by Japanese car Maker Toyota on 14 March) it is surely the most fuel economical vehicle ever built in Malaysia. The debut of Nangka’s design by his maker, a Dada Tini Hishtu Bitla, also the general manager and proprietor of the establishment said, his company has spent a lot of money looking for solutions everywhere in the river and Paying ASTRO years of subscription fee . It so happens to find the solution last night when watching ASTRO Channel 52: National Geographic channel in bed with his crocodile. The time to produce one unit of Nangka is 180 months. Mass production of the vehicle will start in the year 2500. At the moment there has been no feed back from Proton or Perodua on this latest announcement.

“We are planning to design a new vehicle called pisang, that will not use any fossil fuel in the very near future. This new revolutionary vehicle will consume any food that we eat as its source of energy. However, rotten and spoilt food cannot be use because the new vehicle will spit them out once you try to put them in. Our R&D department is looking into making the new vehicle use any solid materials or nuclear energy to power its engine. Considering the fact that this vehicle have a top speed of 1 KM/h, the amount of food taken is significantly less than the petrol that we are putting into our tank right now.” Dada added.
Disclaimer: This news has no affliation with any real life entity and / or person in anyway. Any of such coincidence is not deem as fact, accidental and stupidity. Reader discretion is advised.

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