Standard of living

Thank God I can enjoy this…..

cavery lamb chop

In stead of living a life like this poor vag.

Vag at Satok

He is too weak to sit up.. too hungry I guess that he ate the green onion grown at the side of the road.

Back in my mind, I am comparing him with these two fellas……

fortunate kitties

At least they have a shade over their heads…

So, I thank God for all His blessings.

Anyone know someone in social welfare that can help this vag? I do not see any home for homeless vag??????

3 responses to “Standard of living”

  1. Great posting – any idea about the vagrant? He looks like a foreigner. I think we shoud create a system like the E-Council request for the Social Welfare Department so that we can submit these kind of requests…..just a thought.

    And the cats – what is the address of the cats so that I can call to the Animal Home Shelter 🙂

  2. DJ, He is Malaysian born Indian. Heavy drinker, though the police is wondering where he get his supply of spirit from. We converse and he said that he has nothing to eat for a long long time. Survived on the left over food at the food court below Satok bridge and veges planted by people at the road side….. like those green onions…

    I don’t think social welfare is something that Malaysian in general would like to look into….. I do know that they should at least set up a hotline in the first place instead of having an online system. The police has no idea how to contact social welfare less the least of it cause in the SOP, they will send the vags the have found to the general hospital and let the system taking care of them. If this is in some country like NZ or USA, you will see social welfare worker chasing down the police for the vags and put them in home for the homeless.

    On the kittens….. They are my neighbour’s….. Though these two in particular does not seems to like their car. Partly because they are heavy smoker or something… or the 4 years old kid who owns them often used them as target practice for his urine…. probably that’s why they always like my porch…