Demographic Mentality – Shallow view vs. topdown view.

This posting is to the reply of a thread in blog.

It is no doubt that people will think to their own wallet before looking into the interest of others. This is second nature to everyone; you and me included. I would also consider that people who has tried to make a difference is someone worth the support. Our CM is trying to be significant in Malaysia by asking for the 10%. With majority of the profit from natural resources been channelled to the federal government while only 5% been channelled back to Sarawak, one can count that it is not to proportion to the contribution. On other states, the propotion given back to the state government is more than 25%. It has been like this since 1963. Singapore was the smart one to get out of Malaysia because they for one will not agreed with this arrangement, though there are other reason too. These we have learnt in history book.

On one hand, Our CM’s family does benefit for having him as the CM of the state. People will think that the success of the family’s business is due to this. However, please look back into our book at the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs to know that in order to reach the top in actualisation you need to go though Physiological, Safety, Social and esteem. Our CM is CM because he has gone through all these with the family. With the family business being successful, he can go ahead with the work as CM without the need to worry about all these that is below the actualisation. That is the Maslow Law. I would put it that he is successful because his family has a successful business and with him being the head of the state, the family will benefit because there not the worry of going back down the Maslow hierarchy in business. This is the same as the west DRB-HiCom.

There are many things that general “Demographic Mentality” have not consider because of the circumstances and environment factors; adding to peers’ influences; coming to a shallow view of one while forgot to see things from the holistic point of view on top of the demographics.