Demographic Mentality – Corrupt Vs. Corruption

Disclaimer: This article does not imply anyone involvement in corruption.

All politicians are corrupt, but they may not be involved in corruption. They are corrupt because it is unaviodable. This corrupt comes with the job. They have their agendas and propaganda and the knowledge of this has make them corrupt. They are focus on this and thus cause the loosing of the holistic view of the general society due to the R&R that they are been deligated. Be it that you are from the colliations or the oppositions, ot os the same because they are focus on their own agenda and propaganda. Take for example the coming election, for the colliations they would say something like “We have done so much” while the opposition “Time for a change”.
One part from the general public is that they have not been given the opportunity that is widely available from the Government. Government has made a lot of opportunity to the general public to take up. This come at a price for the people because they would have to put in their efforts to take on the opportunities. But the general congregations think that government should give the opportunity without any labour from the people. That is why they lamented that they are not given the opportunity thus charge the Government  and the people in the Government of being corrupted. Who is to blame for this? Surely not the Government because they have make the opportunities available to the people.

One other part  are those who took these opportunity and succeed in it, these people will climb up the ladder on the Maslow Hierarchy of needs ended up as politician, thus marked as corrupt because they are opportunist. I am sure if you and I have the knowledge to all these opportunities, we will make use of them as well for our own gain so that we can climb up the same ladder. This is second nature to anyone, politician included. We cannot blame them to take up the opportunities left out that has not been taken and make it their own success stories.
Our former premier Tun Mahathir has seen this and there come “Wawasan 2020”. So does our CM who has visioned this and has urged many to take up the opportunities given by the Government.
On the other hand, the fine line of being corrupt and been affiliated with corruption comes when people who knew this opportunities has moved the opportunities away so that only those who is willing to given them more than the benefit they are supposed to get, will be given the opportunities.
There is no point for the people to lament as they are wasting time and energy doing so. What should have been done is just to find and make use of the opportunities given. If you don’t know what opportunities there is, there is always one method to find out, and that is to ask.

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  1. The term corrupt covers a wide subject for discussion. What is ur opinion on giving and recieving associated with culture? Let’s say I go to ur house and u give me RMXXXX in angpow…hehehe