Demographic Mentality – I lead against my leader.

What was quoted by members of the opposition (LKS & TK) caused me to think about my topic once again. Though I am not in politic and not interested in, what I am thinking is from the perspective of Demographic Mentality.

As example quoted by the two MPs, I could see that sometimes, when the leader lead, some of the deputies might have secondminded the leader’s view. It is always not a good scene for this to happen. I knew this situation when I was asked by my cousin to look into the reformation of his group of companies in KK some two years ago. The CEO and the GM, both brother and sister has different opinion in running the company. Sometimes, the decision made by the CEO was changed by the GM without considering or discussed with the CEO. In the end, we sack the GM.

This is one of the mentality for some people who has succeeded in leading their part of the larger society. One I can quote is the chinese community in Malaysia. I have no idea about the communism age because I was born after that. What I can see is in terms of Chinese Schools education. Back in 1980, DJZ was the leading organisation in affiliating and standardising the education materials for all the chinese school. Back then, the Ministry has yet to accept the proposal of the DJZ. As far as I can remember, we were using syllabus from mainland china while the general practice in chinese school was using Taiwanese as most of the teacher were educated in Taiwan. When the ministry has accepted the proposal in 1984, Adoption of the syllabus from China has been put in practice. Though all the teachers took this without any reserved, those school under DJZ started to go against the government. It was not because of change of leader in DJZ, but instead it was a form of protest against government decision by the private chinese community. Thus all the school operated by Ministry of Education uses simplified chinese and those of DJZ uses traditional chinese.

This is a mindset problem by the people who think that they can do better than their leader. In fact, as leader in part, we should follow the leader in whole. If you rebel against your superior officer in the army, you will be court-marshalled. If we do not let the leader lead, how can then our leader serve us as his attention will be diverted from serving the people to troubleshooting.