Cheaper car? Costlier Petrol! Sub-standard Cars!

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Isn’t this daunting?!? The news today is filled with NAP. With the hike in fuel, government is asking people to use public transportation. So, what happened if someone is driving on his/her own? not supporting the government moves?

One more thing in the NAP – No re-conditioned car. Is our car priced at the same price as Korea and Japan? No! And what do they called a sub-standard car? Personally, the worse car I have ever seen in all the countries I’ve been to, that has no standard whatsoever is the one that I am driving, Proton. I really regret getting that car but I’m stuck with it. Only way for me is to fix it and rectify the defects with my little engineering knowledge to make it works for me. If banning sales of sub-standard car is in the NAP, personally, I think sales of Proton cars should be banned as well.

I do support the NAP set by the Government. I also want to see the full enforcement of the NAP and Local car manufacturers should not be exempted from NAP as well.

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