Normah Hospital

After 24 hours of…

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I was warded to Normah Hospital with a serious case of diarrhoea and dehydration. The experience is…. well…. tiring! I was sharing this room for four with another two patients. One indonesian who has been in there for a busted appendix and a Indian-Malay who has taken the wrong medication.

The Indonesian has a pipe sticking out of the belly where shit came out from a straw into a plastic container and that affect his control over his prostate. The Indian Malay has a lot of visitors including one group of Malay visitors who came after visiting hours and talk at the top of their voices. The guy from the group, an elderly jerk at the age of 50+ went to the toilet and smoke in it. That choked me up from my beauty sleep. File a complain with the nurse and asked for an ioniser and that group of visitor were asked to leave the premise when the head nurse check the toilet and found the cigarette smoke odour.

I am officially sick until 30 March so, tomorrow I am as free as a bird. But I think I will attend a company function at Hilton.

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