Oops did I misspelled that? Ok, These donkeys working for ASSTRO has one problem.

Calling their phone is like – shit happened. I called 082-294188 and guess what, Its engaged.

Calling 0395430585 and asked for password reset, this female is like… the only word she can speak off in Engrish is “Herro Asstro!” and nothing follows. There is no “One moment please” or “Please Hold On” of sort.

Ok, These Asstro staff have to take 6-7 calls for me to get to a live person that is willing to listen and not hanging customer up. So far, she has yet to get back to me.

I am adding this after careful thought that someone might misunderstood my intention. The pronunciation “asstro” was made by the telephonist that pronounce their company name as “Arsetro” I have no ill intent in this posting to the company.

Reader discretion is advised.