From now on.

From now on, I will not schedule any posting using the search engine trainer plugin which I have deactivate and deleted from this blog. All posting will be on the spot and there will not be any time randomised posting from me. There will also not be any more Voblog using the AI technology I’ve developed back in 1988.
Also apparently, there is a Pierce hater out there somewhere. Therefore, as of this posting, all content under this blog will be protected and remains the intellectual properties of mine under the Copyright Act 1987. Violater will be prosecuted. All pictures is encrypted with my digital certificates from my cert server (hope to get digicert) and proof of violation can be technically justified.

So far, permission to reproduce contents on this website has been awarded to only one party related to one closed blog entries which involved one minister. I will not disclosed any further than this as this is a promise that I had swore under oath.
A number of posting has been reviewed and will be taken off from public viewing. Advertisement on demographic related sites with exception of Google has been removed.

I was interviewed by one of the singaporean magazine reporter earlier this year on the question why I blog. I answered and I honestly going to tell you this. I blog because I want to give my mind a break from office work. I will not and will never disclosed any work related or affiliated matters on this blog other than it is matters focused on me and happened outsite the compound of my company. Heck, I have never even complaint work on this blog (don’t ask me ever). But anyway, I will keep that in mind to stay even further from from even mentioning the company I work with, my boss and my colleagues. I think this is a chance for me to think further on demographic mentality.
This will be the last entry that I will mentioned my boss.