Stupidity has a second name.

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Source: Philip Wong – Borneo Post

Reading this article, I am beginning to wonder how stupid some marketing people might be without the tell tale sign of technical knowledge, with a show off attitute, trying to prove that what they are selling is your solution.

I drove a Proton. From dry to overflow, the tank takes up to almost RM 70 of petrol. That is a total of 40 litres. On Kuching roads, that will give me around 10 KM per Litre, giving an approximate total of 400 KM on my odormeter. But the maths is different whenever I travel with it to Sri-Aman and Bintangor. To Sri Aman, I can make it with a full tank and back still having around slightly more than 20 litres to spare. That is a total of 191km X 2 = 382 KM. So, if I calculated, that is around 7.8 sen of petrol per km.

On this D-Max, Its RM 14.20 for 199 KM. That is approx 7.1 sen per km. Consider that my Proton is using carburator and the 1492cc engine has not been overhaulled over the past 5 years, plus engine is out of tuned, not to forget, its 14 years old. How could such a lousy car come matching the performance of a new car by such a slim margin? Personal opinion, if you travel long distance, the geo-momentum will help you in saving fuel. So, I put the challenge that I would like to see for myself a new D-Max with only RM 15.00 of fuel in the tank from dry. I will sit in the passenger seat with the Isuzu sales fella and go around Kuching with him until the car stalled. I want to see if it can actually make 199 KM on Kuching Roads.

Notes: Fuel injection engine will normally save fuel by 5-15%. Engine timing accuracy as compare to out-of-tuned engine another 40% and age of car – W&T another 30%. – CC. Motoring

If I can modify ans fix my car with the above criteria, My old-faithful car could outperform the D-Max by at least half of that. The D-Max is 1000cc above my car capacity and has a bigger horse power thus should catch more geo-momentums.

Note to Phlip Wong, I will call this a marketing gimmick taking half of the page in Motoring. Though I am not a motoring fan, I am a frequent traveller on long distance journey. Everytime my wife and I went to see my in-laws, I need to spend around RM 20-RM 30 of petrol on highway and another RM 30-RM 40 in destination. The petrol I spent on the highway is way lesser than me going from my in-law’s to pasar for my favourite fried noodles. If you could show that the car can make the same performance on city roads, then the claim of such performance can be put in as legitimate, else it is a a deceiving fact.