Day: April 4, 2006

  • Singapore and Malaysia – Causeway and bridge

    Malaysia wants a bridge to cut short the distance travelled by sea going around Singapore. Singapore wants the causeway to remain so that ships will not bypass Singapore main port at the south of the island. Resolve this and the bridge issue is one hurdle less. Isn’t it?

  • The last man “Standing”

    Quiz: Who will be the last man under employment in the company in the case of getting lay off? Give your answer in comment.

  • Get Leighed Recipe (GLR)

    This is the recipe I’ve learnt yesterday and today on VSS that is going on at one of our nation’s famous company. (the recipe has yet to be firmed) Months of service X last drawn gross basic salary = A Appraised staff who has exceeded the average mark will get A+10% =B (subject to if […]

  • condition update 4/4

    My stomach is stronger today as I can take more solid food. Doctor has asked me to take vegetarian food instead. Partly because the acid in meat will cause some dire effect on my shingles. So, My wife has decided that for the next 1 month, we will be vegetarian. Too bad for those Pork […]