Cyberfraud in Malaysia on Mad Cow????!!!????

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This just came in this morning in my mail box.

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Attention=3A Sir=2FMadam

Compliments of the season and with due respect=2C my name is ALI IBRAHIM
from South Africa=2E I study here in Malaysia at =28UNIVERSITY PUTRA MALAYSIA SERDANG=29

Dr=2C Abdul-Jubril Doseh=2E Is coming from U=2EK to Malaysia to purchase=2C Animal Injection and some other veterinary Equipments for their Farm Settlement in South Africa=2C the name of the company is =28LIVESTOCK COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION=29
The name of the injection is Thamacyne xp1000=2E
It uses to prevent=3A 1=85To prevent from all kinds of infectious diseases=2C like the MAD COW disease=2E
2=85=2EIt make them grow healthier and faster=2E
3=85=2E=2EFor them not to transfer any of these diseases to human=2E
This medicine is brought in from Thailand to their franchise office in pennang and they are attached to W=2EH=2EO=2E’s office in Malaysia=2E
This medicine is packed ten bottles per carton=2E

We buy this medicine RM 700per bottle=2E =28RM7000=2F10bottles=29Per=2Fcarton=2E
We sell to the Doctor RM 1400 per bottle=2E =28RM14000=2F10bottles=29 per carton=2E
We are acting as middle men for us to make our gain by not letting our South African Buyers
to know the Malaysian sellers=2C because if they know they will have to buy directly from the suppliers and thereby cutting us out from making our little profit=2E

They always come to buy cash on delivery=2E This is to avoid check or bank transfers inconveniences=2E
Why I needed you to assist me in financing this business is because the Chinese man I have been dealing with has gone to China to set up big Multi National Company=2E
Presently the Doctor have been calling me that they are out of stock and they want to come=2C I have to tell them that there is no stock now because I have not yet found a Local citizen who will represent and deal with them as the direct supplier=2E
So if you are willing to partake in this business I will first link you to the Malaysian Company so that you can know more about the Product=2C before I will link you to the Foreign Doctors so that you can Act as the direct Supplier=2E

At the end of the day we have to take out the amount you use in purchasing the product=2E The profit we make has to be shared 70% for you as the financier and 30% for me=2E

This contact was giving to me by my uncle a former=A0minister of Health=2E He is now too old to continue the deal=2C that’s why he linked me up=2E I will have to give him some returns from my share too=2E
If there is any areas were you are not clear please highlight it to me so that I will clarify you=2E
Ali Ibrahim=2E