Eversince I have fallen sick and hospitalised, I have realised that my health has deteriorated. My trip to Ipoh and JB turned up to be a time when I can recuperate a bit more as compared to what I can do here. Thanks to my cousin and my aunt who are both nurses, taking a load of my well being  and given it a good care.

Yesterday, I have to attend my nephew’s 1st birthday in Sri Aman and I drove there with my wife and her two younger siblings. After two hours of driving, I have to take a break to catch some rest before I can continue eventhough there is only another half-an-hour to go. This is bad comparing to what I used to be able to just drive from Kuching to KK non-stop without rest except for meals and toilet.

Anyway, that is the sign of saying “Hey! you are getting old!”.