Demographic Mentality – Wanting and Needing

Often one will think that what they want and what they need are the same thing. Often enough, they are the same. But the line of string in between wanting and needing is really large.

Right before my recent vacation, my wife have being nagging me about going to Cameron Highland because she wanted to eat some fresh strawberries. I have no say as to what she wants because that is in her mind. Toward the last few days before departing to Cameron Highland, she has told me that she dreamt about eating strawberries at Cameron Highland. The thought came to my mind that her wanting has now become her need because if she does not get her strawberries, she will not stop nagging me until I actually brought her up to Cameron Highland and buy her the strawberries.

People wants many things, mostly material things such as cars, houses, nice handphones expensive perts and things like that. But people may not think of what they need and instead of focusing on what they want. Take one of the guy that I know for instances, He cannot afford to raise his own family making not enough money to survive. Yet he wants to have the latest handphone, a nice 4X4 and an 19 years old mistress while letting his children. He has three children of which two boys with a girl stuck in the middle. He endulged in his own wanting without considering for his wife well being and of course the three children were left alone. The youngest one has been sent to the grand parents and has been raised by the grand parents. The eldest one is a school dropout and has failled SPM. What he knew is only computer games such as maple leaf and stuff like that. And the girl…. ok she is not getting her allowance from her parents but from her sugar daddy; a 42 years old guy with a son who is now 22 years old. Seeing the family breaking down like this just because the father is not someone who is willing to earn for the family, makes me think that the family is in a pitiful situation just because of someone’s lust.