Demographic Mentality – Leader vs Reader

Some people with lisp might pronounce the two words to similiar. But to me, I felt that the two has very much in common. Especially when in recent days when I happened to be with a news editor of a press. During out off-topic discussion, my editor friend has voiced that the voice of the reader is something that every editor has to think about with much consideration. With the recent departing of this friend from the paper he is working with, now he is walking the walk that he has been longing all these while. Anyway, my other editor friend has shared the same sentiment that the voice if the reader can sometime overclouding the leaders.

Thinking back on the fateful Sarawak Tribune and the recent turmoil faced by my editor friend in Eastern Times, I believed that the reader has more power over the leader. Though the leader might be able to control the information released to the press, the reader can make up of the information that was not released and this has cause more headache to the leader.

Thinking back, of the recent days where I am preparing for another go-live this year, with the leader wanting to make use of the chance of this go-live, which I think he should, It will be up to the people and reader to eventually know what is the jist of the event all about, paving way for the coming election of the leader.

On the election of the leader, this is our civic duty to cast our choice and make our vote. Every leader would like that vote to be given to them while ultimately, it is the reader that will benefit from this vote as their benefit is that they enjoy their right to cast that vote.

As a reader for many years before I started writing, I truly cherish some of the writings of some writer, to whom I can consider a mental leader of the reader. One passing of such a writer – MGG Pillai – is truly going to be missed by many readers in this country as this writer cum journalist has truly lead in his own way in writing and has show to the people that significant writing do lead people to read what he has written. With this, I will honour him with a solace for we truly lost a writing leader today.

MGG Pillai 1939-2006
in memoriam
MGG Pilai

One response to “Demographic Mentality – Leader vs Reader”

  1. Condolence to MGG Pillai’s family. He was a knowledgeable person. A friend of mind quoted him mostly when he spoke with us 8 years back when the Sang Kancil website became famous. Its hard being a journalist sometimes and he reflects the struggle that journalists have to go through.
    Awaiting patiently for the BP Online! Yea!!