Month: April 2006

  • Bottoms up….

    Just swallow some extremely salty stuff called fleet laxative…. Yucks…………. Tasted like rotten seafood…. Reaction has started… About to end up in the toilet.

  • Its almost midnight and….

    I’m still awake… finally, I can stay up until 11:00pm without feeling tired. Maybe its because of the ginseng my wife gave me today. Anyway, my colonoscopy is scheduled for this Saturday morning and I have to prepare myself for it tomorrow evening. Hope all goes well and I can survived the ordeal……

  • Count down to ……….

    Its two days to the start of my theraphy prep for my colonoscopy………

  • Speeding……….

    I am downloading fedora core 5 and to my surprise, the download speed is averaged at 107Kbytes per second while I am streaming video from nasa tv at 128 Kbit per sec. Seems like my line has been upgraded to 1024k/512k. Does not seems to have any error on the NRC and CRC.

  • Demographic Mentality – Wanting and Needing

    Often one will think that what they want and what they need are the same thing. Often enough, they are the same. But the line of string in between wanting and needing is really large. Right before my recent vacation, my wife have being nagging me about going to Cameron Highland because she wanted to […]