Month: May 2006

  • e-Filing the Bolehland way #2

    My colleague was helping his sister to file tax online but to no avail today. Asked for help. After further checks, I have found out that the server seems to be down. So, I called the 1300 number and after waiting for a dragging 16 minutes, A guy picked up the call and when I […]

  • e-Filing the Bolehland way

    Being one of the MyKad Flagship applications, this e-filing thing has surely give more to the country than what the people has bargained for. For one, it DOES NOT work properly! I have managed to get a digital certificates from Digicert via the website and everything went on smooth until after I’ve filled in […]

  • Theme Parks

    It was quite some years ago when I was in Sibu for family reunion and get a chance to bring in some wild ideas to one politician in Sibu. Things was brought up and plan was drawn on these ideas. Part of which was brought up further by the politician. But to my dismay, his […]

  • Ah Ken

    Ah Ken is a friend of mine who has been in the construction line for many years loyal to his boss, a Mr. Lee who has recently passed on by taking own life. I met him to my surprise yesterday evening when I was visiting my brother-in-law. Ah Ken has lost his job because his […]

  • I know who you are.

    Hey there, The one who kept bombarding my site with comment ads and accusations, I have managed to find out who you are. This is the last warning that I will give you. Please note that you have violated by T&C on the blog site and you are not welcomed anymore. There will be no […]