Demographic Mentality – Gossip and News

Many people would think that gossip and news are related. In fact in some circumstances, gossip is actually news. However, the dire consequences of having the former is that gossip can turn a situation into a bad circumstance for the people involved in the gossip.

I have heard some gossip of late about some people in the the limelight and to my shocking findings, most of these gossip is just hearsay and basedless. However, the people that was involved in the gossip has come to know these in a different way. Not only circumstances that they are facing is bothering enough but they also have to face the music from the gossip.

When it comes to news, which is fact and concurrent, news bring in info to the reader. Often when news is circulated in among the people (including some nit-wits), often enough, some addition was put in when it ius conveyed to another party. Thus this news has turned into gossip which is a mixure of truth and the rest of the “rojak” that was added on the way. So, as many of my journalist friends has said, “It has to come from the lion’s mouth”.