TM Net Streamyx on Black Friday

Just called TMNet about faulty Streamyx problem. Told the “Very Arrogant Desktop Support” people to tell them that I have gone through all the testing as per their standard template and that I’m the Deputy Chairman for Sarawak TMNet User Group.

That fella was about to blur out the standard template until he heard “TMNet User Group”…. Stop… pause…. and say a long “okkkkkkk……………..” Asked me to wait for 54 Sec to tell me the tracking number.

… The problem…

1024/512 line is running 24kbps.. slower than 56k modem. So, Let see what they are going to do tomorrow.

A point to my reader. Should you face some problem with TMNet Connection and have problem going through them, u may drop me a line at (keep it short to 120 bytes). Please give me at least a method of contact, be it handphone/email, yahoo messenger, MSN Messenger and etc. I will set up a contact form for public complain for the user group here soon.

One point to remember, I can only help to collect your issue and classified them. I will also email your tracking number to my contact in TMNet Kuching. This does not mean that the problem will be solved immediately. You must log a case with 1300-88-9515 prior to sending me the details. I will help to call VADS to check on the status of the case every week. This will endure that the case is been tracked. However, I can only do this when I am in Kuching. Should I be on travelling. I would not be able to follow up as per that week. As it is the same with your streamyx service, this is a “best effort” effort that I can help in providing some assistant to the tmnet users in Sarawak. This service is been provided FOC and without any sponsorship from TM Net or any TM Group of companies. I will not be handling calls during office hours for those who knew my phone number, I hope you can show the respect for my day job that your need will not cause inconvenience to my day-to-day work.

You may want also leave your contact details on my tag board on this page together with  your tmnet user name and phone number. All posting are moderated and those with personal details will not be published.