sometimes ago I blog about Flea Market here in Kuching. After discuss with my wife and my parents, we have decided to start selling things over at the flea market from this week on.

Much preparation was not anticipated but my wife has decided to sell some plants. Somewhat surprise, my friend Calvin has also some education material to sell; comprises of children books with free CD; and I have some old stock of Fuel Master from my family previous business.
So, with three type of things to sell, we headed to Travillion’s car park at a daunting 6:50am in the morning…. (my wife’s idea)

Scoring zero from start until 10:45am, we manage to sell some plants and one book. Pretty good for the first time in the flea market here.

Met a friend who asked me why I don’t want to get some old comp parts to sell here… well, basically, I don’t like to sell comp parts. I do sell to friends who need those parts and I do collect them online from lelong and ebay Malaysia. But with the recent “行情” that is bad and a tight budget (partially contributed to my decision to sell over the flea market), I don’t think I will go back to the used parts thing. Another reason why I don’t want to sell comp parts is because I want to get at least 6 hours a week beyond the reach of computer. . .

Hope this can help. As for today’s gain, I have make the money back into getting some more materials to plant some more plants for the next round of flea market.

Wish me luck ….