Demographic Mentality – Challenge vs Threat

All eyes are on Meradong seat this time round of the Sarawak State Election where we see that young girl representing Meradong. What surprises me the most is the challenge given by another girl to challenge the seat for Meradong.

Though I am not interested in politic, my point of view would be from the aspect of the challenge of the two, then three and now four in a small town famous for its sour oranges. Still recall last week that some member claimed to be in the quantity of 3000 of a party threaten to quit if a girl is to represent Meradong. Now, today is nomination day and I am eyeing for the news to say that the 3 thousands members quitting the party.

The differences between a challenge and threat is that its a head on competition while the for the former with nothing to hide while threat basically means that “there is no need to compete, its either my way or the highway”.

On the matter that one of the party member resign to compete as independent candidate, this is the way to challenge a decision, clearly it is not splatting the party with a threat, but come out and challenge in the election as a challenger and not as a blackmailer.

For those who challenge the decision by their leader, peaceful parting should be the way if the two side has different propaganda and agenda. But for those who threaten the leader, I would think these are the people who has the wrong mindset to think of any propaganda and agenda that can be accepted by the leader the peers.

Should there be a challenge? Yes.

Should there be a threat? No.

That is the way things should go. As I recall there are many laws that prohibits threat to a leader. Could these people be subjected under these law when they threaten their leader? or to them they would claim that they are challenging and the reason to quit will not contribute to a threat even with the mentioning of a large in quantities.