Sarawak State Election – Let the battle begins.

Haven’t you all noticed that those expensive posters that has been used by party and candidates has started to drop from sky showering the roads in town? Here in Kuching, indeed there is.

Looking out of my office windows, I am looking at some aunties taking out rolls of printed plastic and nylon string to tie them up preparing to get them out all over the city making it the dirtiest week of the whole 5 years. Some has erected signboard which during normal days will be torned down by either one of the three councils here.

My experience with this was last night when I was driving my wife home from dinner, I saw at the Simpang Tiga interchange where a truck without any license plate at the rear was mounted with a structure at the back of it with a wooden ladder hanging up all the signage on lamp pole along the road leading from Tabuan Jaya to the interchange. The irony of this fella is that he has no numbering plate at the rear while his truck is stopped in the middle of the road without any warning light, and the headlight is off while the truck is moving. To my surprise, the Policeman on a bike (traffic) with some nice looking vaudeville look and clean shave similar to John Lennon saw the truck but drove off without even asking the driver to switch on some safety lights.

On the things/material they hang out on the pole, I noticed that they are printed in full colour. Each piece is cost around RM 30-50, Just that stretch of road itself will cost the average student one months expenses with food and accommodation included. This kind of money spent …. My! Oh! My! could be used for the betterment of those less fortunate and can support a lot of old folks home that those neglected senior citizen is very well deserved.

On the hot topic of this coming event, I can concurred that the heat is with the 30,000 people in a small area called Meradong (a.k.a. Bintangor), an abandonned place where only the old and the oranges stay. Anyway, the Pentagon fight will be interesting. It has been the voice of the people in Bintangor that the young and the strong has left for greener pastures while these two girls this time round, one who has only spent in Bintangor less than 1000 hours while the other strive to get her emotion is contesting.
What mull the rest of the events will be free food, free photo opportunities and free perks as this is how election is been done for the many generation before and for the many more to come.

4 responses to “Sarawak State Election – Let the battle begins.”

  1. Alas – I am torn between the two DAP ad BN ladies….who to vote in terms of Beauty Queen…. so sad….Its good to have pretty ladies in the DUN once a while :)It will keep the other VIPS guys awake…hehehe..

  2. hey DJ, I thought you are major in English. But that comment sounded like you are french by a minor…..:D

  3. Sacre bleu Monsieur Pierce…. I m being influence by Le story of Le Pink Panther… Non Non.. I have never Mastered the English language… I try to mix the da Inglish with Eminem’s Rap…and maybe its dat I am over exposed to da Pussy Cat Dolls… Merci Merci 🙂