Demographic Mentality – Ethical competition vs tactical attack

Notice: Reader discretion is been advised.

In this round of election, I am observing the competition between the five in Meradong almost on a daily basis as if this is part of a reality show such as American Idol or AF. Something that caught my eyes in the last two days which does not have anything to do with the Bintangor Beauty Pageant is the tactic played by one of the opposition candidates here in Kuching.

Though I do not side any part of these two, I would like to just make a comparison between two opponents. Playing the role of moderations one part has posed some matters as to what the opponent has not and will not achieved. The opponent then retaliated by saying that his opponent has abused power. But once the opponent has proved that he has not done any misconduct himself, today, he started to file a police report against the opponent claiming on suspicious doubt that he is out campaigning during office hours – Moonlighting.

My! Oh! My! Is he serious? Just based on a suspicious doubt, he lodged a case against the opponent. I would think that he as a lawyer should know better that in any case, guilt has to be proven not claimed. And as a lawyer, it is the law that says that one is innocent until proven guilty, of course with some exceptions of laws that imply to the whole with no exceptions.

Ok, let’s say that I hate Mr. A and one day I saw a piece of dirty tissue paper stuck on my windsheild. Immediately I would think that this piece of dirty waste is thrown on my windsheild by Mr. A. Is that justice or is that prejudist?

No doubt that this that he has done has been carefully thought of and as a lawyer himself, he is better known to an extend of what the law has cover and what has not. This is his tactic.

What I want to mention is that both opponents has different approach. Though I have known both side of the game; being one, a leader and neighbour (used to) too; and the other, a lawyer that I do respect. I would say that much to this,the game they are playing are states of ethical and tactical; where one has been ethically proving point by point in a diplomatical manner while the other is using a tactical approach to challenge his opponent.

Disclaimer: This article has emphasized on the scenario for comparison and not the people involved in the scenario.