Demographic Mentality – Out of towner told me that nothing good is coming from this town

I was hearing an aunt of mine from Meradong complaining about the Barisan National Candidate for her constitution.
The old lady sang over speaker phone: ” That @#$!$#!@# girl said that ‘Meradong did not produced any good people’ She has caught the tails of many people from Bintangor. People in Bintangor is sentitive about out-of-towner saying this like this. What she said has been seems as offensive to major parts of the town and this #$@!#$@# girl, being an out-of-towner came to this place and telling people who educate her father that no one good has been produced by Meradong has seems to make this her carrier suiside. Yes, she might be coming from a big city and yes, her father might me rich, but second minding the good folks from this community has caused her !@#$!@#$ reputation to be washed off the streets of Bintangor. She has better use her @$#%!$#@$!@#$ face as a bloom stick to sweep because if she got the elected, this is what the old folks intended for her to do. Well, tonight, the opposition leader Lim Kit Siang is holding a talk in one of the restaurant in Bintangor and words of mouth from Bintangor has it that her recent comments on the people from Bintangor will be on the opposition agenda. She #@!$@!# thinks that she has a !$#!@#$!@#$ master degree and that Bintangor has not produced any Master Degree holder, Well she #@$@$##@ is wrong! There are even PhD coming from Bintangor…….” (literally translated from Foo Chow)

All these lamentation coming from an old lady.. My! Oh! My! what a mistake.