Demographic Mentality – Election and bettings

While having lunch this afternoon, sitting next table at this food court was this two businessman, with one DAP and the other seems like a well off timber camp manager, Both have their handphone ringing off the hook.

“How much is your bet?” is the question when they answer their phone.

Apparently, they seems to be bookie running their illegal betting on the election.

As far as I know, if the odds on the bet is too high, it means that it will be unlikely that the the bet will be won. It seesm that this election has been used by opportunist to earn some big bucks and with some manipulation skills and contacts in the constituency to know to let them know what is the odd.

I felt sadden because this polling has been abused by various parties to make money for themselves and it seems that their opportunities has caused some changes in the politics and having some serious repercussion in the social balance and I have heard from people who bet on the election that they have lost their money. This has caused shift of economy balance in the demographics. Anyway, I have done my duty this round.

Congratulations to all those who has won the election. I do hope that the one who has won the election should consider that they have been elected as a servant, not as a king. They are going to represent their constituents in making their life better for the next five years and they should serve with more than their best effort to ensure that the people they represented will live a better life.

To those who gambled, you reap what you have sew. And to those opportunist, this is just you one time opportunity to be dirty. Please do remember that whatever goes up, must come back down again.