e-Filing the Bolehland way

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Being one of the MyKad Flagship applications, this e-filing thing has surely give more to the country than what the people has bargained for. For one, it DOES NOT work properly!

I have managed to get a digital certificates from Digicert via the e.hasil.org.my website and everything went on smooth until after I’ve filled in the form BE. At the point of submission, “Cryptoki Error!” and further than that, it came to the page where I am supposed to confirmed my submission and *poof* goes the Internet Explorer window.

Repeating the process unveils nothing. Upon further “debugging”, I have found out that the application on the MyKad is not reading the user’s “Private Key” because the “Cryptoki” used in the so-called flagship application is calling the wrong Application Programming Interface (API). And since my Private Key is in the MyKad and cannot be extracted, I presumed that by swapping the “Cryptoki” on the local PC on the MyKad API with the default API, should get things to work. Actually, it did work and no problem with getting my MyKad Cert and the “Private key” to authenticate. The only problem is that e-filing has shown another error of “404 File not found” on the server. Any web master would know that 404 error means that the program or file does not exist on the server.

Viewing the web page on https://e.hasil.org.my/ showing that the public who can get hold of the digital certificate online should be able to use the online system to file. But the fact remains the opposite.

Me: Hello, is that LDHN, I need some help with E-filing

Guy: ok wait!

Me: Hello, is that LDHN, I need some help with E-filing

Lady: ok u tunggu sekejap,

Me: Hello, is that LDHN, I need some help with E-filing

Something: ya, what’s the problem

Me: I managed to get my digital certificate online with my MyKad. I have also filled in the from but I cannot get it to sent cause your system is giving out error

Something: Like this ya. Can you come to our office here? We have people here to help you with it.

Me: Fine

While at LHDN office,

Me: I have my form ready, I have my cert in my MyKad can someone help me?

Girl 1: Encik, tunggu ya.

Girl 2: come here, these officer can help you. You masuk that bilik

Guy 1: let me see your ic.

(He took a look at the physical MyKad and said)

We cannot use MyKad to send. Have to issue new cert.

Me: ok. What about revocation list? For the cert I’ve already downloaded from Digicert earlisr? As I recalled, CRL requires 3 working day to be revoked.

Guy 1: We don’t know.

Guy 2: Pakailah diskette.

(Diskette is an obsolete technology)

Me: hey, I have not use floppy for the past 5 years. My computer don’t even have a floppy drive.

Girl 1: Pakai Thumb drive

Me: Nope No Thumb drive.

Guy 1: Mana Borang?

Me: on my personal website at……

Guy 2: Here got no internet access.

Me: Then how you connect to LHDN website?

Guy 2: Pergi sana cuba

( I sat in front of a notebook PC and)

Guy 2: MyKad tak dapat pakai, System problem. Not stable.

Me: Then why the publicity asking people to use? Even a big logo printed on the web page here.

(Poingting at the web page)

Guy 2: Give me your IC

(Give IC to Guy 2, He click click click on the mouse and )

Guy 2: you filled in this form

(pointing at the screen of the Notebook PC)

Me: Ok.

(filling all the necessary info)

Guy 2: save the certificate into pfx file pakai program ini….

(He highjacked the mouse,

Me: Already extracted to PFX.

(pointing to a pfx file I’ve created)

Guy 3: Wah! Pandainya no need to teach already know how to do

Me: Let me copy out

(plug in portable Hard drive and copy file)

Move back to another PC.

Girl 2: I ada internet access sini. You boleh download you punya form sini

(I plugged in the Portable hard disk, Load everything and submitted the from)

Me: Done! Thanks.

Girl 2: Jadi boleh delete kamu punya file on the PC lah?

Me: I already deleted them including my digital certificates

Girl 2: Wah!

J (Another customer): Can you help me to send?

Girl 2: Ok!

(Girl 2 help Mr. J to submit form)

J: help me to send the form to my email and delete from this PC!

Girl 2: I tak Pandailah, at home want to use internet I also ask my husband to help. Can you help sir?

(Asking me!?!)

Me: Sure!

(Login to email and send J his form)

J: Thank you sir, Can you also help me to delete them?

(delete his form and digital cert from the PC)

Me: Done!

J: Thank you sir.

Walked out with J whom I met for the first time and he said “What kind of people who help people with online form submission but do not know how to use a computer?!?”

Knowing which, I have to ask!

  1. Why do I have to go down to LHDN office when I can download the certificate to my computer on my own? Isn’t e-Filing supposed to give the public the convenience to file the tax form online without the hassle of going to the LDHN office?
  2. Why is there a system that is incomplete been pushed to the public to use whilst thing are totally not working at all?
  3. Why LHDN violated the Digicert R&R on issuing digital certificates to me? I have two certificates to file my tax now, one ok a PFX file while the other inside my MyKad.
  4. None of the PC at LHDN has card reader. How could they operate without a Card reader whilst the e-filing is a flagship application under MyKad?
  5. Isn’t it odd for someone to comment that they don’t know how to operate a PC where the requirement to work there has been “PC Literates”?
  6. There seems to be a lot of people signing up for digital certificate at LHDN but all of them leave copies of their digital Certificates on Local PC owned by LHDN. They make no effort to remove them from the PC. Isn’t this a violation of the Digital Certificate Act in Malaysia for leaving your digital certificates on publicly accessible PC? Are LHDN staffs going to remove them from the PC?

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