stupid cashier/check out staff @ Everrise

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Today was a fine day. Wake up in the morning, not a cloud in the sky, got the sun in my eyes and the tuak and food waiting for my wife and I at some Kampung. All these turn into dung tonight when we thought of ending the day shopping with some out-of-towners relatives at Everise Penrissen. We bought two odd things, A small bucket for mixing fertiliser and a bar of butter yummy delicious Golden Churn from the food section.

This cashier at the west side exit did the unthinkable. She first put the bucket into a plastic bag, that’s fine with me. Then I handed over the bar of butter and I reached for my wallet. Before I can utter out anything, she put the butter into the bucket after punched in and tie the knot on the plastic bag without me noticing as busy I was taking out the money to pay. No extra layer of plastic bag on the butter or anything…. I was surprised when I reached home and found the butter unwrapped in the bucket.
Can I asked, is she brainless or what? That is not made from hygienic plastic for starwars sake! The powdery substance at the bottom of the bucket could have been cyanites and can cost lives. Now the bar of good Golden Churn butter has to go to waste! Not cheap nowaday cause it cost more than other brand of butter by 100%. She could have killed someone for some careless mistake. I thought Supermarket would have rules that good and non-food should be bagged separately! My wife is mad when she discover it when she was taking the butter out of the shopping bag.
Mdm. Chai (or Chua, Can’t remember???)? Cindy (or Candy, Can’t Remember????)? errr.,.. Kennei……… Anyone from Everrise?!?!?!?!? Is this the standard practices nowaday to have things like this happening in the supermarket as part of the cost savings? Or should I ask NIOSH to come down to Kuching to check on the work procedure at the check out counters in Everrise?

The end result is that instead of buying a bucket at RM 3.90, I am paying closed to RM 10 for it.
** NIOSH = National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health.