Sticky: Short of money, needed money, free money, free apartment, emergency money.

“Short of money. Short of something. Anyone out there, Care to give?”
An emergency case. Amount needed is between RM 73,000.00 to RM 75,000.00 cash. The amount is needed within the next two weeks. In return you will get a fully paid, apartment worth RM 88,375.00 at market value (quoted by Henry Butcher in April 2006); with no liability attached except for the management fee to pay monthly/yearly. The apartment is situated somewhere in Kuching and if you really do care, kindly email to to arrange for the transaction.

This is not a request asking for a loan. The recipient has no way or mean of paying back. I will not consider donation as it is against the law to collect donation without a proper license. I will consider this a trade of selling the apartment where the money of value above will be used to solve the emergency.